Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why do people read blogs?

Do I ever have anything worthwhile to say....or is it merely "share"?

Do people really read these things?

It seems to me that they are merely advertising in the new millenium. I mean, I used to have a website and that was enough. Then I had ICQ (is that still around?), MS messenger, chat rooms. Now I add FACEBOOK, networked blogs and I have "FANS".

I feel like Andy Rooney when I ask, "Does anyone think they are really fans or all we doing a huge circle jerk for each other?" Friends with food blogs, art blogs, political blogs, gardening blogs, literature blogs, knitting blogs, book review blogs.....and on.

I mean it's fun and all, but what do you really think?

Some of my favorite blogs:

LOSTPURL (knitting and life)

BookSlut (ah, BOOKS)

TEESHA MOORE (Teesha rules)

Jim Wallis (realistic look)


JustJo said...

I read, I read!! Not every day but I am interested in how you're using your time and talents...

stationarypilgrim said...

Don't we, who blog, all ak these questions. But as an artist, poet sage one never knows where and when we will find a fellow seeker!