Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am NOT a patient "waiter". Today was "furnace check" day and we were told it would be in the "late AM". So I stayed home from the gym and errands to wait. And wait. And WAIT. At 2 minutes past noon, I called.

Well, no, it would be "sometime today". "Could you be a little more specific?", I asked. "No", she said. "We have no idea how long each call will take." Now I can actually understand that....BUT....."Could you possibly estimate by the number of calls if it might be earlier or later?"

Well....suffice it to say, I waited most of the afternoon too. Now, you will be relieved to know that I did not take it out on the nice young man who is on his hands and knees examining my furnace. But really, why is it always like this?

I worked in health care.....eons ago when nurses actually bathed patients and made beds. Sometimes I had to estimate when I might be back to rub Mr. Jones' back. If I had 6 patients, I could estimate that it would be at the beginning, middle or end of my work. Why is this so hard to do on service calls?

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